What we do!

We are a family business dedicated to engraving and gem cutting since 1977.

In the year 1983 we opened our first workshop and later we moved to the central and traditional area of "Puerta del Sol", where we are still located.

The art of engraving precious stones (glyptics) is a very old practice; it was during the Roman times when it reached its greatest splendor. Roman Citizens liked to show off their personal traits in their favorite gems.
The engraving is carried out completely by hand thus adding value and making each piece unique.

We are commissioned to engrave all kinds of motifs for both jewellery shops and private individuals. The most common requests are name initials and coats of arms. We can also engrave any motif if we have a sample image to work from. We also have access to a specialized bibliography in the case that you are not sure of your family coat of arms.
Most of the engravings are made on stone composition of silica or quartz (agate and onyx), as well as on precious stones like ruby, emerald or sapphire.

There are two engraving techniques:

- The low relief or carving, that is engraved in hollow by means of the wear of the motif.
- The high relief or cameo, a carved motif wearing the engraving environment.

The engraved stones can be mounted on different types of mounts such as: earrings, pendants, rings, cufflinks, tie pins, etc…

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Alejandro Sanz Alonso
Sanz Engravings

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